Vintage Flats, Clothes, Acessories, Elven Ears, Male Shoes, Shapes and Female Skins!!!

monday mania week #29

Soon in several colors... available next monday for Monday Mania Event.

dirty grease

Viewer 2 face tatto...just a preview...

Tint version for 50L (modify) or each color for 10L (no modify)


A Shopaholic Hunt

That's our prize for the hunt!



Just 50L !!!!
Limited Edition!


dollarbie, originally uploaded by [M2M] Minutes to Midnight.

jUST 1 l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry!!!!!!!!!!!

Next Monday Mania

LAst Monday MAnia

Next Monday Mania

vendor fuscia, originally uploaded by [M2M] Minutes to Midnight.

Only 25L !
All monday mania still in the store, I keep the promotional price, so my monday mania became "all week mania" he he he


<3 Yumi

Monday Mania Bargain

Still available for the promotional price.
It's really CHEAP!

New release available!

vendor croco, originally uploaded by [M2M] Minutes to Midnight.

New !!!

Lika JEans Rompers

lika new release 2
lika new release 3

New release !!!!

Two kinds of bottom: pants and skirt.
Top with or without suspenders!

The blue top set will participating of Monday Mania Event, available for 50L, the others cost 200L.

Peek a Boo - Leaf Dress

Kholi Tube Dress

New release now available at [M2M]...
You can find it in three colors Blue Oil, Bubble Gum and white Cotton.

The Blue Oil will be part of Monday Mania Event next monday =)



Snake's Dress

We are back!!!!!!!!!!!!! New store and new release available...
Just 125 L!
We also participating of Monday Mania Event, so you can find the pink one for 50L only!

Go to [M2M] now!

Monday Mania

[M2M] is participating of Monday Mania.

Every monday a group of selected stores put an exclusive item for a promotional price.

This set is already available for 50 L.

It's a pair of shirt, with long sleeves and a skull on back in dark and light color.
The pants in cargo style is included in the pack.

All with scripted sculpted prims.

Check it out!

Male Poses

click to enlarge.

We set up some new poses perfect for group, trio or solo pictures!!!

And they fit well for men or women...

Take a look ...

I call some friends and bloggers to try the female poses...

They are great and available at [M2M] Mainstore

Country Life

A new set is available at [M2M]...

Inspired in Country Life Style we made the "Cowboy Plaid Set".

Comes in several colors and mini prim skirt included.
The shirt has prim sleeves and collar with resize script menu.

Taxi here!

Easter Hunt

Easter Hunt, upload feito originalmente por [M2M] Minutes to Midnight.( Click to enlarge)

A new hunt is running right now at [M2M]!

You had to TP to the store and search for 61 colored hidden easter egg.

Each egg contains clothes, acessories, shoes, skin, shape, hair and a Easter Egg Basket with group pose (like the picture).

What are you waiting for?!

Run to [M2M] and have fun!

St. Paddy's Hunt

HUNT SAO PATRICIO , upload feito originalmente por [M2M] Minutes to Midnight.

A mini hunt is running at [M2M] right now!

You had to search little "cloverleafs" all over the store.

There are 27 objects for 1L and 6 special for 0L.

What are you waiting for?!

Run to [M2M] NOW!!!


We're still celebrating Valentine's Day ...

Just kidding!

Lee and I are planning a new collection of clothing and accessories for the store, which will also move to a new building!

A lot of work to do!

But sales at 90% off continues ... including Xstreet.

In March we will be with news!

Wait ...

We <3 Sale

Click to enlarge

Next month [M2M] will change the building and all products...
so all old stuff are REALLY CHEAP!!!!!!

We are working hard on nice and new itens...old products will be no longer available!

So hurry up, grab all you can now!!!

Taxi here.

Kiss your loved one

OMG, upload feito originalmente por [M2M] Minutes to Midnight.

It's not just a Valentine's Day act...

Love your partner, kiss him, show how much you are in love!

Lee wrote messages on his body remembering me where i should kiss him...

Needless to say, I kissed all the places that should been kissed!!!

Do the same T. O . D . A . Y .

Don't wait a special date, with special people...every moment is special!!!

(I love you even more in real life Lee Kujisawa)


Lee is wearing: nothing!!((OMG)

Lipstick marks with written remembering notes:[M2M]..::Kiss Here-Lipstick Marks::.. just 1L at store.

Madiba Day

"Thousands of South Africans were today marking the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's walk to freedom after 27 years as the world’s most famous political prisoner.

Dozens of leading figures from the African National Congress (ANC) and liberation struggle stalwarts marched out of the gates of Victor Verster prison, since renamed the Drakenstein Correctional Centre, this morning in an emotional re-enactment of Mr Mandela’s march, which signalled the end of apartheid.

Mr Mandela, now a frail 91-year-old, did not attend the celebrations, although a huge bronze statue of him marching from jail, fist pumping the air, formed a fitting backdrop for the ANC figures to address the faithful.

Mr Mandela is expected to attend a session of parliament later today (...)

Read more here.

So, to celebrate 20th anniversary of free Mandela I sent a special tee for my subscribe members and called two blog owners and shot a picture.

All we need is love baby!!!All we need is love...

From left to right (click to enlarge):

Me, Madalina (Be Happy in sl's Blog owner), Hacsa (Freebie Mania SL owner) and Ricky ( Madalina's boyfriend).

Thanks to both for the support!!!

Run to [M2M] !!!!NOWWWWWWW!!!

Drama Queen

I'm not a princess...I'm a Drama Queen!!!!!

Some girls dream of being princess and others have consciousness that just have no vocation for it...
And thinking about that I went to some ballroom castle and shot some pictures...

The new hair by [M2M] comes with a little crown with change texture menu.

Only black color is available because its the beta version...

So you can get it for only 50L.

The skin calls Dumped Skin and will be for sale soon!!


Skin:[M2M]..::Dumped- Yumi Skin - Light::..

Hair:[M2M]..::[M2M]..::Drama Queen -Blackie Hair (Beta)::..

Crown:[M2M]..::Drama Queen - Crown::..


Taxi here

Yamoto Skin

Another Special release made by Lee Kujisawa...

We love the asian style!!!!
Here in Second Life we can play at being japanese (only me in case...because Lee is descended)

It's a delicate skin cream tone with blush and eyeshadow makeup.

Come to [M2M] !!!


Yumi is wearing:

Skin: ..::[M2M]Yamoto Asian Skin (Light)::..

Complete Outfit and Hair: Tang Dynasty lady out wear

**Location: Tempura Island (beautifuuuullllll place)

Broken Heart Complete Avatar

[M2M] is offering now a Complete Avatar made specially for Valentine's Day!!!



Skin with messing makeup and broken heart on lips

Brownie Hair and a little heart clip

Little dress...you can use just the top part wich comes with little ribbons

Legging pants with prim cuffs
A pair of white flip flop

All just 100L!!!!

Hurry up...taxi to [M2M]