Vintage Flats, Clothes, Acessories, Elven Ears, Male Shoes, Shapes and Female Skins!!!

Brazilian Carnival spelled "Carnaval"

I made another special edition!!!

"It's Carnival Skin" is a Pack with 6 colors of eyeshadows and
drawings next to the eyes.

carnavalpic_008, upload feito originalmente por [M2M] Minutes to Midnight.

In Brazil carnival is spelled "Carnaval" and this year happens in February 14th (Valentine's Day)...
"Carnival is the most famous holiday in Brazil. It is not about a big moment in history or about a famous person, but it is important for the people because it's a time of camaraderie, freedom, and almost a whole week without work."
Wickipedia says and I have to agree!!!

Then, thinking of my brazilians fellow I offer this pack for only 150L.

After February 16th the price returned to normal:
Pack 3000L or 600L each.

Skin:[M2M]It's Carnival Skin - Green
Bikini top:[M2M]..::Simple that - bikini top::..
Bottom:Baiastice_Spiritual Dancer-Jewelry pelvis
Head acessories: Baiastice_Spiritual Dancer-Haed Jewelry and !dM sequinsMasks **MARDI GRAS**
Hand and feet feathers: part of Baiastice_Spiritual Dancer
Hair:Maitreya Amber - Charcoal
Necklace: Merry Xmas from Donna Flora (changed texture)

Go to [M2M] and check it out!

[M2M]..::Valentine's Day Special Edition::..

The Valentine's Day is coming ... it is time for kisses, hugs and declarations of love!
[M2M ]..:: Valentine's Day Special Edition:: .. is to mark the influence of the oriental girls and hot red.
Near the eyes can notice small drawings of heart ... very romantic.
It is a special edition made especially for that date and also to inaugurate our line of skins!
Only 50L with two skin tones: Light and Gothic.

Run to [M2M] now!


Skin:[M2M]..::Valentine's Day Special Edition::..
Shape:[M2M]..::Yumi's Shape::.. (included at Valentine's Day Skin Pack)
Hair: W&Y MODEL HAIR 14 GIFT (pic 1) and :KC: Hair - Petite - Onyx (pic 2)
Eyelashes:Cake - Bedroom Lashes - Tintable

Street Wear - Minutes to Midnight Style

Credits Pic 1:
Shoes: [M2M]..::White Skull Punk Male Flats::..
Jeans:[M2M]..::Scratched Jeans - Dark tone 1..::
Ears:..::[M2M]Ear Elf With Piercing(Star)/Slipknot::..

Credits Pic 2:
Hat: [M2M]..::White/Casablanca Emo Hat::..
Vest:[M2M]..::BlackNylon Puff Vest::..
Bangle:[M2M]..::Ashiah Fade Silver Bangle::..
Top:[M2M]..::I'm a pirate/Sand Tee::..
Jeans:[M2M] Navy Khalim's Jeans Pants::..

Credits Pic 3:
on Lee Kujisawa:
Jacket:[M2M]Black Jacket Star
Jeans:[M2M]..::Scratched Jeans - Dark tone 1..::
Shoes:[M2M]..::White Skull Punk Male Flats::..

on Maah Krovac:(pic 3 and 4)
Jacket:[M2M]..::Mini WhiteLeather Jacket::..
Top:[M2M]..::I'm a pirate/Sand Tee::..
Jeans:[M2M] Navy Khalim's Jeans Pants::..

Credits Pic 5:
Nay Tremmor is wearing:
Vest:[M2M]..::Black Nylon Puff Vest::..
Ear:[M2M]Ear Elf With Piercing(Star)/Japan::..
Panties:[M2M]..::Wonder Woman Panties*Green::..

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